Mission Statement:

To enhance

...the community by providing a safe haven through the teachings, practices, and philosophies of martial arts.


Established in 1968

...and going strong in Los Angeles for over 25 years, we here at MSW continue to enrich the lives of all who walk through our doors. At MSW, we are dedicated to making either you or your loved one’s martial arts journey an amazing one.


MSW Martial Arts stands for “Moo Sool Won”, which literally translates to “The Place for Martial Arts”. But what we do and are able to accomplish here far transcends just martial arts.


Enriching the lives of our students is truly an honor.

Without the support of our students and their parents, we would not be here. Thank you students and parents for making MSW so successful till this day! Thank you for checking us out…

You won’t regret it!