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June 7, 2017
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We all have fond memories of summer camp

A break from school, making new friends, and looking forward to participating in new and exciting activities on a daily basis. For those who are interested in enrolling their children in summer camps, we here at MSW Martial Arts have an amazing summer camp this summer.

Reason #1:

They’re Not Bored at Home All Day

-For many children who don’t attend a summer camp, they’re usually at home all day. Spending all summer at home with or without minimal supervision already sounds like a terrible idea. When children are left unsupervised, they usually default to watching television or playing games all day. Though it is important for them to enjoy their summer break, having them play games or watch TV all day is a complete waste of time!

Reason #2

Unplug From Electronics

-As stated previously, children who don’t attend camp will most likely become brainless zombies over the summer. Summer camp offers a chance for children to unplug from technology, make new friends, and improve communication/social skills while having fun and learning something new everyday. Unplugging from technology also teaches children that it is possible to have fun even without their Xbox or iPad.

Reason #3

Get Good Quality Rest

-A parent’s worst nightmare is to see their children staying up all night during the summer playing video games. When kids attend summer camp, they’re usually partaking in physical activities for most of the day. Having them physically active over the summer not only helps them lose extra weight but also helps them sleep well throughout the night (because they’re exhausted!).

Ultimately, it’s up to the parents to enroll their children in camp

If you want your children to be spend their summer with awesome teachers and mentors, be more fit, and have fun, please check out our summer camp tab to find out more information.

Please leave your information on our contact us page to schedule an appointment to our facility.

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